Scaling the

Open Metaverse

through multiple games, standards, cross-game NFT’s and the Gamerplex Token.
Gamerplex Token
A Governance Token, that will be used across all Games in the Gamerplex Ecosystem!
Coming Soon

What is Gamerplex?
A blockchain game ecosystem of interoperable playable NFT’s

We are building the Gamerplex ecosystem, an open and scalable metaverse! To start, we are building a collection of games that enable cross-game NFT’s. This allows us to create 3D NFT Standards, then we hope to expand to other Indie Games who want to join the Ecosystem! See our full Roadmap or Docs section below to learn more!

Our Games



An all-ages 3D adventure where you explore Kinland, collect $KIN tokens and battle undead monsters. Released on Web & Mobile and running on Solana, this game is built to scale! Look forward to upcoming multiplayer Racing, Derby & Arena Battles!

Status: Playable Beta



Earth has been ravaged and the remaining clans of humanity are fighting over the precious resources remaining. Several zones of contentions have been identified, take charge of your clan and fight to control oil fields, wind farms, farmlands and ore mines in this multiplayer FPS shooter!

Status: Playable Alpha



In the year 2050, the ruling elite have enforced global law via the BotNet army! Fight for the fate of humanity, in this futuristic MMORPG.

Status: Prototyping

Our NFT’s
How are cross-game playable NFT’s different?

We are building for the future of the Metaverse! By creating 3D Assets that work across all Gamerplex games we are developing NFT standards, open sourcing 3D assets and working with other Indie Game Developers to bring support to their games!

Playable NFT’s

Community Gamers

Blockchain Games


Gamerplex aims to build as fast as possible. All proposed dates are subject to change dependant on unforeseen development roadblocks.

Initial Kinland NFT Drops
Establish Socials Migration
Improve Marketplace Perf.
Add $KIN NFT Support
Game Launcher (Mac, Win, Linux)
Conduct OG NFT Drop
Publish Whitepaper V1
Gamerplex Feedback Loop
Team expansion
Launch playable beta games
Grind through bear market
Test Cross-Game NFT Usability
Increase collabs/partners
Gamerplex Leaderboards
Release Gamerplex Citizen NFT Drop
Expand NFT Market Support
Establish Gamerplex DAO
Release Gamerplex Token
Release 3D NFT Standards
Release Indie Game Frameworks
Expand team
Onboard Indie Studio Games
Publish Open-Source 3D Models
3D Modelling Conversion Tools
Release Open Source Game
Scale Open Metaverse…

Gamerplex aims to build as fast as possible. All proposed dates are subject to change dependant on unforeseen development roadblocks.

3D Coin Collection Prototype
Kin Town demo level
Google Play Store Beta
Kin Home & Kin Farm Release
Improve Kick/Punch Attacks
Add Sword/Axe Attacks
Add Kin Pets & Movement Improvements
Kin Town Car Self-nav
Release Level 4 Racing
Web, Mac & Windows Builds
Kinland for iPhone & Linux
Multi-player Mini-games
Monster Town Boss Fight
$KIN SDK Integration
Solana NFT Integration
Kinland for Web
Release Kin City Level
Expand Fun Mini-Games
Integrate Gamerplex Elements

Gamerplex aims to build as fast as possible. All proposed dates are subject to change dependant on unforeseen development roadblocks.

Prototype FPS gameplay
Solana Desert level design
Multiplayer battle system
Improve character designs
Android Mobile App
Improve weapon designs
Character profile load outs
Standardise login system
Multiplayer leaderboards
Character XP level system
Multiplayer tournaments
Wild Wells Refinery Level
Wind Farm Scenic Level
Mad Max Vehicle Gameplay
Solana Desert Level Returns
Tank Battles
Dam Water Level
Wheat Belt Farm Level
Global Level Selection Map
Clan fighting system
Global Domination battles

Gamerplex aims to build as fast as possible. All proposed dates are subject to change dependant on unforeseen development roadblocks.

Cyberwars UE4 Demo
Add player controls
Add player controls
Basic weapon system
Basic mission system, green/red zones
Robot enemy AI
Cybertruck driving
Audius music integration
Playable Alpha via Launcher
Solana NFT integration
Migrate to UE5
Enable Multiplayer
Solana Wallet integration
Improve enemy robot weapons
BotNet datacentre/power level

Our Team
John Forfar

Passionate Solana Advocate & Web3 Builder for Gaming

Nick Stamatiou
Founder, Growth
Ivan Gustavino
Founder, Strategy
Mitch Hamilton
Lead Game Designer

Web3 thought-leader passionate about creating unique metaverse experiences.

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 8.53.42 pm
Simone Leonelli

Exploring the space between technology and art, NFT auctions and metaverse experiences.

Adeel Hamza
Game Developer
Satyam Yadav
Game Developer
Burak Patir
Game Developer
Samson Aderonmu
Community Manager
Big Ions
Big Ions
Community Manager
Faisal Khan
Bobby Barone

Experienced blockchain consultant and copywriter

Partners & Supporters

Solana is a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world.

Web3 Gaming Discovery & Tournament Platform.

Magic Eden, the #1 Solana NFT Marketplace.

Australia’s leading blockchain development and consulting company.

Specialists in Corporate & Startup Law and Blockchain Technology.

Australia’s top tax and crypto lawyers helping individual investors, businesses and some of the largest blockchain projects in Australia.


Frequently Questions

Gamerplex is uniquely positioned to leverage several emerging technologies – building an online world where decentralized finance reigns – combining cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens and video games to create a unique and exciting user experience that we like to call the Gamerplex Ecosystem!

The team at Gamerplex are building a blockchain game ecosystem, where players can use their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) across all games. To bootstrap this ecosystem we are building out 3 games called Kinland, Contention & Cyberwars.

We want to see a future where any creatives can team up to build new gaming metaverse experiences that are financially sustainable and rewarding for players & builders alike!

The metaverse of integrated games using the Gamerplex Token is called the Gamerplex Ecosystem, with every game supporting cross-game NFT interoperability.

The Gamerplex Token is a Solana-based cryptocurrency that will power the Gamerplex Ecosystem. The distribution of the Solana-based Gamerplex token to game developers and players throughout the exaverse ecosystem will lead to the establishment of the Gamerplex DAO. Over time, as Gamerplex Token issuance spreads throughout players and creatives, the Gamerplex DAO will enable involved participants to self-govern the future direction of game and ecosystem development.

The Gamerplex Token is currently not released yet, with the date set to be in 2022 as per our Roadmap.

Solana is a high-performance decentralized blockchain that is built to enable scalable, user-friendly applications. It can handle 50,000+ transactions per second, has 0.4 second block times and has over 1,150 validator nodes as of the time of this writing. The average transaction cost is $0.00025 USD – making it an ideal blockchain for play to earn games.

There are three games currently under development by the Gamerplex team – Kinland, Contention and Cyberwars. More games are being explored for both internal development and partnering with other indie game development studios.

Gamerplex aims to bring all games to as many platforms and devices as possible, including building for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Linux & Web.

Gamerplex is bootstrapping an ecosystem of Web3 games running on the scaleable Solana blockchain. It aims to build games using a mix of technology stacks to be able to standardize blockchain gaming across a multitude of platforms, including game engines like Unity & Unreal Engine, and various native Solana Gaming/DeFi SDK’s & API’s.

Gamerplex aims to build games wherever the players are right now. That means using existing game engines and full device and OS support across PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Linux & Web. You may need NFT or the Gamerplex Token in the near future to access certain features.

Whilst some Gamerplex games have Single Player (PvE) gameplay, all games will have Multiplayer (PvP) gameplay in the future. Player progress will be tracked via publicly available Leaderboards and tournaments will be hosted with potential winnings including NFTs and Gamerplex Token prizes.

Tokenomics and rewards will be customised to match gameplay within each specific game.

Yes! Early adopters will be rewarded for being community members and beta testers through giveaways and access to the initial exclusive and limited edition NFT drops. Holders of Gamerplex OG NFT’s will also be included in future surprise airdrops, along with having special abilities within all our Gamerplex games!

All Gamerplex games are aiming to use both the upcoming Gamerplex Token and future NFT releases. The main goal is to standardize cross-game NFT’s so that players can use their Gamerplex NFTs to earn value as they play across different games in the Gamerplex Ecosystem.

Yes! Gamerplex’s mission is to build a decentralized metaverse, where NFT assets and cryptocurrencies are interoperable across several games.

Gamerplex OG NFT’s have been minted and are available at Magic Eden and Fractal! Our Gamerplex Citizen NFT drop will also be available as a new collection in the near future.

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Gamerplex Featured in the West Australian Newspaper

Great to have Gamerplex featured in the business section of the The West Australian today! Thanks to Nick Stamatiou and the team at Gamerplex. Looking forward to seeing the video game & metaverse industry growing to diversify WA’s economy and create jobs of the future. 

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