Scaling the Open Metaverse

Gaming using Open Standards, Shared Tokens & Cross-Game NFT’s

Kinland Beta v0.98 Releasing Soon!

Kinland Citizens Dropping Soon!

What is Gamerplex?

Shared Tokens

We are an avid member of the $KIN Ecosystem and believe in communities with shared value

Multiple Games

Our ecosystem is standardising assets across multiple games

Cross Game Items

We build game items using Solana & Raindrop NFT Standards

Open Standards

We are community focused on expanding the Solana Gaming community!

Kinland Beta v0.98 is Releasing Soon!

Our OG Collectibles

Gamerplex OG’s available at Magic Eden Marketplace
Gamerplex OG’s available at Fractal Marketplace

We are building a Web3 MMO where Players of all ages can complete daily $KIN quests starting in PvE mode, with fun PvP mini-games launching shortly after!

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