Home of the Exaverse

Gamerplex is a game studio whose mission is to bring passionate developers and gamers together into the metaverse, where NFT assets and cryptocurrencies are interoperable across games.

Community-Driven Game Development

We ship game prototypes and iterate off feedback.

Gaming NFT Marketplace

Verified playable cross-game NFTs.

Solana Game Ecosystem

We expand the metaverse using Solana gaming protocols.

Gamerplex Roadmap

Gamerplex aims to build as fast as possible. All proposed dates are subject to change dependant on unforeseen development roadblocks.

Phase 1

Q3 + Q4 2021

Gamerplex.io initial NFT drops

Establish Social Media Presence

Migrate to Gamerplex.com

Improve Gamerplex marketplace performance

Setup Gamerplex Discord community

Add $KIN token support to Gamerplex marketplace

Build Multi-launcher across PC, MAC & Linux platforms

Conduct OG Player NFT drop

Expand Social Media Presence

Publish Whitepaper

Community Engagement Initiatives

Improve features of Gamerplex marketplace

Phase 2

Q1 + Q2 2022

Team Expansion

Build Solana Gaming directory

Launch MVPs for several Gamerplex Games

Validate MVPs with Beta Testers

Create P2E Player NFT Analytics dashboard

Game Leaderboards

Launch $X token

Launch of the Exaverse - Gamerplex Game Integrations

Marketing - Online Advertising & Influencers

Community Feedback to guide Game Development

Gamerplex Marketplace Optimization

Phase 3

Q3 + Q4 2022

Gamerplex Game UI Optimization

Public Release of Gamerplex Games

Full Integration with Solana Blockchain & relevant Solana dApps

Expansion of the Exaverse - Shared Virtual 3D World

Exaverse UI Optimization

Establish the Exaverse DAO

eSports / P2E Mechanics Optimized

Aggressive Marketing Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Gamerplex.com will be the home of the Exaverse, where players will be provided with a directory of Gamerplex's games, an NFT marketplace, and other services essential to blockchain gamers such as P2E analytics, leaderboards, news and tournaments.

The metaverse of integrated games using Gamerplex’s $X Token is called the Exaverse. Every game that makes up the Exaverse will support cross-game NFTs that are available at the Gamerplex.com marketplace

The $X Token is a Solana-based cryptocurrency that will power the Exaverse. The distribution of the Solana-based $X token to game developers and players throughout the exaverse ecosystem will lead to the establishment of the Exaverse DAO. Over time, as $X token issuance spreads throughout players and creatives, the Exaverse DAO will enable involved participants to self-govern the future direction of game and ecosystem development.

Solana is a high-performance decentralized blockchain that is built to enable scalable, user-friendly applications. It can handle 50,000+ transactions per second, has 0.4 second block times and has over 1,150 validator nodes as of the time of this writing. The average transaction cost is $0.00025 USD – making it an ideal blockchain for play to earn games.

There are five games currently under development by the Gamerplex team – Kinland, Contention, Cyberwars, and Phoenix.

Gamerplex aims to bring all games to as many platforms and devices as possible, including building for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Linux & Web.

Gamerplex is bootstrapping an ecosystem of Web3 games running on the scaleable Solana blockchain. It aims to build games using a mix of technology stacks to be able to standardize blockchain gaming across a multitude of platforms, including game engines like Unity & Unreal Engine, and various native Solana Gaming/DeFi SDK’s & API’s.

All Gamerplex games are aiming to use both the upcoming $X token and future NFT releases. The main goal is to standardize cross-game NFT’s so that players can use their Gamerplex NFTs to earn valuable assets as they play across different games in the Exaverse.

Yes! Gamerplex’s mission is to build a decentralized metaverse, where NFT assets and cryptocurrencies are interoperable across several games.

Gamerplex NFT’s have been minted via our Metaplex fork marketplace at https://gamerplex.com/store. The Gamerplex Marketplace aims to only have 100% playable NFTs listed on it. A secondary marketplace exists here to accommodate any future resales after initial purchase. Future NFT releases will also have verified listings at other Solana marketplaces to increase awareness.

Gamerplex aims to build games wherever the players are right now. That means using existing game engines and full device and OS support across PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Linux & Web. You may need the necessary NFTs and the X token to access certain games/features.

Whilst some Gamerplex games have Single Player (PvE) gameplay, all games will have Multiplayer (PvP) gameplay in the future. Player progress will be tracked via publicly available Leaderboards and tournaments will be hosted with potential winnings including NFTs and $X prizes.

Tokenomics and rewards will be customized to match gameplay within each specific game.

Yes! Early adopters will be rewarded for being community members and beta testers through giveaways and access to the initial exclusive and limited edition NFT drops. In the future, early adopters may have special rights to join Whitelisted sales which will be discounted and take place before Public sales.

Yes! The roadmap can be found just above this FAQ section. Click here to view the roadmap

All of the games can be seen above the roadmap section. Click here to view the roadmap