The world of Kinland has fallen under siege by endless hordes of undead beings. The creatures originate from a distant realm who have mysteriously been set free after an explosion at a small village which has now become known as Monster Town.

Join the people of Kinland as they battle countless monsters on their journey to vanquish the enemies.

Kinland Roadmap

Gamerplex aims to build as fast as possible. All proposed dates are subject to change dependant on unforeseen development roadblocks.

Q1 2021

Phase 1

,Develop “Collect $KIN Coins in 3D World” game concept

,Build Kin Town demo level

Initial Beta release on Google Play Store

Q2 2021

Phase 2

Release Levels for Kin Home and Kin Farm

Improve kick and punch attacks

Add sword and battle axe weapon gameplay

Q3 2021

Phase 3

Kin Pets added to help you battle monsters

Character movement fixes for Kin Town

Kin Town cars self-navigation

Weapons added

Improved Kin Pets fighting

Q4 2021

Phase 4

New Racing Level 4

New Gameplay – Mt Haruna Racetrack

New Gameplay – Kinland Derby mode

Alpha Build for Windows and Android

MAC Build

Web build

Q1 2022

Phase 5

iPhone & Linux Builds

Release Monster Town level with Boss Fight

Kinland Multiplayer

Solana NFT integration

KIN SDK integration (Pending official KIN Foundation Release)

Release Kin City level